Event Details

Saturday, March 4, 2017  9:00am-5:00pm

Indiana University-Kokomo, Alumni Hall

2300 S. Washington Street, Kokomo, IN  46932

Agenda & Event Details:  http://cancer.iu.edu/education/amelia-project


Fifteen years ago Dr. George Sledge asked the Catherine Peachey Fund to create the Amelia Project. The concept for this annual meeting grew  from his awareness of the value of people coming together in person, on neutral ground to share and create relationships for furthering collaborations. The Komen Tissue Bank, faculty recruitments and cross institutional collaborations on important projects happened because The Catherine Peachey Fund created the opportunity here in Indiana. It was productive, exciting and happened annually for 12 years.

The Catherine Peachey fund is pleased to announce a grant of $75,000 to help bring back the Amelia Project meeting and support it for five years.  This important meeting is now being developed by the IU Simon Cancer Center, along with volunteers from the Catherine Peachey Fund and Komen of Central Indiana.

For the meeting details and agenda, please visit:  http://cancer.iu.edu/education/amelia-project/