Amazing Amelia

The Amelia Project is back!  I walked in as the last session before lunch was wrapping up.  I could immediately feel the energy in the room and see the excitement on the face of Dr. Anna Maria Storniolo who was answering questions about the Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank... read more

Game Day Recipe

It’s almost time for the big game!  Whether you are hosting a party, taking something to help your host or just enjoying the game at home in your pajamas, this appetizer will be a real standout in the food spread.  Join Stephanie Rufenbarger Lesher and Doug... read more

Real Recipes by Real People from Just Peachey: Bearing Fruit

In less than 30 minutes you can enjoy some classic hummus, a cheesy dip inspired by the Reuben sandwich, as well as a delicious and fruity Winter sangria.

All three were selected as party favorites, whether you are the host or a guest. All are ideal for preparation the day before, freeing up your day-of-party schedule to other activities, like enjoying time with friends!

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