Catherine Peachey

“You live on through those people who care about you and pick up your cause. And your cause survives you.”

Catherine Peachey

About Catherine Peachey

Catherine Peachey, for whom the Fund and this website are named, was voted one of the “12 Most Intriguing Individuals in Indianapolis” for 1994. She was well-known in the world of Breast Cancer activists and was one of the founders of the Indiana Breast Cancer Coalition.

Cathy was one of the leaders in lobbying for passage of the Off-Label Drug Bill (which guarantees access to non-FDA approved anti-cancer drugs for cancer patients). This law subsequently was passed in Indiana. Politics and breast cancer have become intertwined as women and their loved ones look for solutions to a sadness which has gone unchecked in our country. Money and legislation are not the answer to every problem, but they are proving to be one of the most powerful weapons in the War Against Breast Cancer.

Every once in a while a star shines so brightly that many people notice the glow and wonder at its beauty. Cathy Peachey was that star for so many people in Indianapolis, Breast Cancer patients across Indiana and the wonderful staff at the Indiana University Cancer Center. Cathy has left us with a loving ache in our hearts and the pressing urgency and responsibility to make a difference. She also left us with a wealth of potential and possibilities created by her energy and her relationships. Cathy loved Indiana University Cancer Center and the richness she found in the people there.

The Catherine Peachey Fund, Inc. was established in memory of Cathy Peachey. This fund is a 501 (c)(3) for tax purposes. Donors may deduct contributions to the Catherine Peachey Fund, Inc. as provided in section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.