Over $2.6 million dollars
granted to research and programs moving us closer to a cure for breast cancer.

100% volunteer.

Our staff is all volunteer. All cookbook proceeds directly fund research.

Our Funding Priorities

Our funding priorities promote advances in breast cancer research and treatment. We provide financial support to research and programs that we believe are best positioned to move from the bench to the clinic. We interact directly with the physicians and researchers who we fund and follow our grantees and their work. This focus on breast cancer treatment and research has been a unique partnership between the consumer and the leadership of breast cancer research in Indiana.

Our funding priorities target:

Funding Priority List Item

Breast Cancer Prevention

We created the Catherine Peachey Breast Cancer Prevention Program at the IU Simon Cancer Center.

Funding Priority List Item

The Komen Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center

We address a major obstacle in understanding the cause and the cure for breast cancer: a lack of understanding of the normal breast. We initiated the founding and funding of what is now the Komen Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center, the only bio-repository of normal breast tissue of its kind in the world.

Funding Priority List Item

Personalized Therapies

This cutting-edge concept in the cancer arena allows physicians to treat cancers based on a patient’s particular genetics, while avoiding unnecessary side effects.

Funding Priority List Item

Triple-negative Breast Cancer

We address the lack of a targeted therapy for triple-negative breast cancer, which occurs most often in African American women and younger women. At the present time there is no specific targeted therapy for these patients.