Join Stephanie Rufenbarger Lesher, Robyn Burnett Siesky and Doug Ingersoll as they prepare three quick and easy recipes from the Just Peachey Bearing Fruit Cookbook. In less than 30 minutes you can enjoy some classic hummus, a cheesy dip inspired by the Reuben sandwich, as well as a delicious and fruity Winter sangria.

All three were selected as party favorites, whether you are the host or a guest. All are ideal for preparation the day before, freeing up your day-of-party schedule to other activities, like enjoying time with friends! In these videos our hosts show you not only how to make these recipes, but they also offer a few ways to personalize the dishes to make them your own and help with some of the common ingredient confusions that can occur for the everyday cook.

These recipes are just three of the hundreds in the Just Peachey Bearing Fruit Cookbook.

The cookbook supports the Catherine Peachey Fund with 100% of all the proceeds going to Breast Cancer Prevention programs, The Komen Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center, and targeted therapies & personalized solutions for breast cancer.

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