Funding from the Catherine Peachey Foundation has enabled us to perform high-risk research using cutting-edge technology to discover novel treatments for triple-negative breast cancer. The unique partnership of the Peachey Foundation with the IUSCC Breast Cancer Program allows us to rapidly engage in this research immediately, where funding from government NIH grants may take as long as 18 months. In addition, the data produced with this funding allows us to generate the needed preliminary data to support large grant proposals to be successful in an increasingly competitive funding environment.

Milan Radovich, PhD

Assistant Professor Dept. of Surgery, Division of General Surgery, Indiana University School of Medicine

The funding from Peachey provided crucial resources to support innovative hunches in a rapid and facile way. This pilot funding has made scientific breakthroughs possible and provided seed support to generate preliminary data for other additional funding. In summary, the support of Peachey has allowed for rapid innovation that we hope will make a real difference for our patients.

Bryan P. Schneider, MD

Associate Director, Associate Professor, Indiana Institute for Personalized Medicine

In large part, the majesty of our profession is that we physicians are given the routine opportunity of meeting ordinary people who make extraordinary contributions to the world. Cathy Peachey was one such person. She was a blend of strength and beauty, passion and compassion. The Master Chef had an especially good day when he placed her on this earth. This cookbook is an extension of the contributions she made in life to touch others.

Patrick J. Loehrer, Sr., MD

H.H. Gregg Professor of Oncology, Director, IU Simon Cancer Center

Who would have imagined that a relatively small charitable fund based in Warsaw, IN, would have the power to change the world?  And yet, that is precisely what the Catherine Peachey Fund has done.

The Peachey Fund has made significant contributions towards breast cancer prevention here in Indiana.  Through a generous endowment, we have established the Catherine Peachey Breast Cancer Prevention Program.  Since its founding in 2001, we have seen hundreds of women who are at higher risk for developing breast cancer, and transformed fear into action and empowerment, by carefully assessing their risk and then formulating an action plan tailored specifically to that risk.  Imagine having that great weight lifted off your shoulders—the Peachey fund has made that happen.

The Catherine Peachey fund has also advanced breast cancer research—primarily at Indiana University—by providing grants and equipment that have enabled proof-of-concept research.  It is hard to get funds for this type of research, and yet without preliminary data it is difficult to get major funding from the NIH or other agencies. The Peachey Fund has filled this gap.

Finally, the Catherine Peachey Fund provided the initial funding for the Normal Breast Tissue Bank.  This bank contains normal breast specimens with detailed risk annotation.  It is the only such tissue repository in the world. These non-malignant specimens can be compared to malignant ones.  Researchers will finally have what they need to unlock the molecular mystery of why a normal breast cell “goes bad”.  The Komen Foundation has now picked up the funding of this Tissue Bank, but without the faith and funds from the Catherine Peachey Fund, we would have never gotten started.

Dr. Anna Maria Storniolo, MD

Professor of Clinical Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine