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Our Funding Priorities

The Catherine Peachey Fund supports the breast cancer research and treatment programs we believe are best positioned to move from the bench to the clinic. More

“Just Peachey” Cookbook

A collection of treasured recipes, entertaining tips and breast health information. 100% of proceeds go to breast cancer research at Indiana University. Get the “Just Peachey” cookbook.

How to Donate

We’ve granted over 2.6 million dollars to research and programs moving us closer to a cure for breast cancer. Your gifts and support are the only way we continue. Donate Now
Catherine Peachey

Remembering Catherine Peachey

Cathy inspired patients, researchers, and staff across Indiana and the nation. She left us with an ache in our hearts and the pressing urgency to make a difference. She also left us with a wealth of potential and possibilities created by her energy and her relationships. Learn more about Catherine Peachey